Legislative Report

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Emblems Report
Have you been considering ordering some USDA apparel for work?  If so, check out Superior, NASCOE’s official supplier.  Please note, it was decided by our Office of Communications, that USDA is the official and sole logo that shall identify the Department and all Agency programs.  For this reason, future orders from Superior will only use the USDA or NASCOE logo. Place online orders at

Submitted by, Heidi VanderWalt, Emblems Chair

2018 Ways & Means Report

Raffle ticket winners:
$500 - Sandra, Hettinger County
$250 - Jeri, Golden Valley County
$150 - Nancy, Renville County
$50 - Gary, Pierce County
$50 - Dennis, Lamoure County

Tickets sold - $1,410.00
2500 raffle tickets printed - printing cost $105.42
Purchase of gift cards - $1,019.75
Raffle ticket net sales:   $284.83

Submitted by Margie Herner, Ways & Means Chair

2018 NDASCOE Scholarship Committee Report 

Due to the continued success of the silent auction and other donations, NDASCOE is able to provide scholarships to high school seniors and college students that are either a NDASCOE member or the child of a NDASCOE member.

Winners in the Traditional Scholarship Division were: 1st Place to Alissa Volk from Rugby, daughter of Laurie Volk; 2nd Place to Anna Holen from Lamoure, daughter of Dennis Holen; and 3rd Place to Lorissa Deibert from Towner, daughter of Holly Deibert.

The winner of the Continuing Education Scholarship was Samantha Nagel from Linton.

A big thank you to the following NDASCOE members who gave their time to be scholarship judges: Julie Moldenhauer (District 1), Terry Miller (District 2), Amanda Buckmier (District 3), and Andy Zink (District 4).

Respectfully submitted,

Cliff Orgaard

NDASCOE Scholarship Chair

2016 Negotiation/Consultation Meeting

March 17, 2016
NDASCOE Executive Board members

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NDASCOE Board Meeting Highpoints 

November 19, 2016

  • Benefits -  No report provided
  • Emblems/Program  - No report provided
  •  Membership – Cherie stated that we have 85% state membership.   Need to somehow promote NDASCOE to the new employees.   NASCOE is well  respected at the National level.   We need to somehow relay this  information to the work force. 
  •  Scholarship – Cliff mentioned he was on a recent national  conference call.   There are six different scholarships categories  available at the national level.    Scholarship applications for  2016/2017 school year will need to be submitted on-line this year by  January 1, 2017.    The application forms can be found at    Cliff will send an email to membership making them  aware of the different requirements for 2017.   Applications will be  processed locally before they are submitted to the next level.  
  • PI & A – Tina has been busy working on the sick leave awards. 
  •  Publicity  -  Barb mentioned that she has been keeping the  website up to date.    If committee chairs have any information they  would like posted, please send the information to Barb to post on the  website.    Reminder the website address is:  www.   
  • Legislative Report – No report provided
  • Ray & Tina spoke about the Legislative Leadership Training  they attended.   The experience was exceptional.    There were different  items addressed at the training, such as retaining the COC, USDA refers  to FSA to get the word out, and Legislative consultants encouraged  joining the NASCOE PAC.       
  •  Way & Means – Ray reported that the 2016 raffle profited $759.62.   Thank you to everyone for supporting the raffle! 
  • NAFEC – No report provided

 2017 State Convention scheduled for April 1, 2017 in Bismarck
District 5 will host

New Board members terms take effect July 1st of each year

  • Discussion was held on ways to promote participation at the state conventions.  
  • A motion was made to have a drawing for one paid room, one room  per each district, at the 2017 convention.   NDASCOE would cover the  costs of the rooms.  If person drawn is not available to attend, another  name will be drawn from that district.  Cheri will provide the  membership names by districts.  
  • Program chairs will remain the same for 2017.   Benefits will be  handled by Gloria and Emblems/Programs will be handled by Heidi.
    Negotiation Session  – Eric stated that  negotiations are tabled at this time due to possible change in Aaron  Krauter, SED position.  
  • Labor/Management agreement – not available at this time

NWA Rally to be held  in Lincoln, NE, April 27 – 29, 2017.  National Convention will be held  in St. Charles, MO, August 2-5, 2017.  Eric handed out National  Convention Raffle tickets by districts.   No delegates were selected at  this time.  

Barb  spoke briefly on the Program Technician “counter skills” training being  developed by National Office and PT task force team.  

Next meeting to be held January/February 2017,  at Burleigh County office,  at 10:00am.