NDASCOE Membership Cost

The following lists NDASCOE Dues by Grade.


Grade - Per PP - Annually   

  3-5       $3.25     $84.50  

  6-7       $3.50     $91.00   

  8-9       $3.75     $97.50   

  10        $4.00   $104.50   

  11        $4.25    $110.50   

  12        $4.50    $117.50    


What benefits do you get being a NASCOE member?  Benefits include the following:  


Dillard Financial Solutions www.dillardfsinc.com
(800) 692-7643

J M Marketing

Sam's Club - offer good through 12/31/2018

AirMedCare  Working Advantage  

If you have any questions or suggestions as to what other benefits you would like NASCOE to try to get for you, please contact: 

Gloria Thorson at glogust33@gmail.com
Submitted by Gloria Thorson, Benefits Chair

NDASCOE APPAREL   Find the latest apparel at www.nascoe.org/store


NDASCOE Scholarships

NDASCOE Members, 

Do  you have a high school senior or graduate with a minimum of a "C" average in both of their junior & senior years? Do you have a  full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) college student with a minimum of  a "C" average who hasn't received higher than a Bachelor's Degree?

If  you are a NASCOE member and you, your child, legal dependent or spouse  meets one of these criteria, they are eligible to apply for the 2019 NDASCOE  scholarship. This award may only be used to defray expenses for a  student at an accredited school. The NASCOE member’s dues must be paid  and membership kept current for the past 5 years, or since becoming a  permanent FSA County Office Employee.  The evaluation criteria are based  on ability, incentive assistance, and other personal characteristics.   Nominations for Scholarships are competitive. 

NDASCOE awards three scholarships in the amounts of $700, $500, and $300.

A  HUGE Thank You to everyone who helps make our scholarship program so  successful by donating and purchasing items at the annual scholarship  auction! Your support is appreciated.

The deadline to apply for the NDASCOE scholarships is January 15, 2019. Early submissions are appreciated as applications will also be forwarded on to the National NASCOE scholarship competition.

The  application process is simple. Please ensure all information is  included with the scholarship application and the application is  submitted by January 15, 2019.  You can copy and paste into the application form, but you must use the  paste button in the tool bar, right click - paste does not work.

All completed scholarships, official transcripts and letters of recommendation should be sent or emailed to:

Christina Geerts    Christina.Geerts@nd.usda.gov

NDASCOE Scholarship Chairperson

6342 103rd Ave SW
Regent  ND   58650

Forms and more information on the NASCOE scholarship is available at https://nascoe.org/forms-downloads/awards-scholarship-applications/

Attention to all NASCOE Members that are attending Adult Education Courses! 

We fully  understand that filling out a scholarship application is the last thing  on your mind during the Holiday Season.  Please consider taking a few  minutes for yourself and visit the NASCOE web site under the Committees  (then Scholarships) link and complete the new and improved application!  As I mentioned on the NASCOE web site this is a special NASCOE  Scholarship award that will be awarded to NASCOE Members that are taking  additional adult education credits to further enhance their careers  within the Farm Service Agency (FSA) or to broaden their horizons (i.e.  Master Gardner, Organics 101, etc).  Each Area will be allowed to award  one scholarship winner $200.00 to broaden their personal portfolio. 

JM Marketing  believes so highly in the opportunities that higher education can bring  to each and every one of us that they generously donate $800.00 per  year towards the NASCOE Members Continuing Education Scholarship award  program!   Please consider taking a few minutes from your studies and  complete the nomination form to compete for the award!   The deadline to  submit the scholarship application to your Area Scholarship Chairperson  is January 15, 2019. I wish you the best of luck!  The fillable  application can be found on the NASCOE website under committees  (scholarships) www.nascoe.org  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!  

The 2018 Scholarship results can be found in the Officers Report section